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The Patient Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Trailer Updates

The Patient Season 2 is a sensitive subject, especially following its recent conclusion. The show, a creation of Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg for FX on Hulu, was overseen by executive producers Joel Fields, Joe Weisberg, Steve Carell, Caroline Moore, Victor Hsu, and Chris Long. Production was handled by Joel Fields Productions, Flim Flam, and FXP.

The series wrapped up with its final episode on October 25, 2022, leaving many viewers stunned. The ending evoked mixed emotions among the audience, with some feeling a blend of satisfaction and disappointment. The plot centered around Alan’s futile attempts to reform Sam into a more empathetic individual. However, this endeavor ended tragically as Alan ultimately succumbed to violence and became Sam’s final casualty. This twist in the narrative divided fans, with some expressing discontent and others deeming it a foreseeable conclusion given Alan’s predicament.

This gripping psychological thriller comprised a total of ten episodes, each lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.”

What Is The Patient About?

“The Patient” is a tense psychological thriller crafted by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, known for their work on “The Americans.” This series stars Steve Carell as “Alan Strauss,” a psychotherapist grappling with the loss of his wife. His life takes a harrowing turn when he is abducted by “Sam Fortner,” portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson, who is not only his patient but also a confessed serial killer. Sam presents Alan with a chilling challenge: to quell his murderous impulses.

Trapped, Alan endeavors to delve into Sam’s twisted psyche in a bid to prevent further killings. However, Sam is resistant to discussing crucial issues, especially those related to his mother “Candace,” played by Linda Emond. This situation forces Alan into a confrontation with his own suppressed issues, including the recent demise of his wife “Beth” (Laura Niemi), and his strained relationship with his devout son “Ezra” (Andrew Leeds), all while reminiscing about his former therapist “Charlie” (David Alan Grier).

As Alan’s captivity prolongs, he begins to unravel the depths of Sam’s compulsion and the extent of the emotional repair needed in his own family. With each passing moment, the stakes escalate, leaving Alan in a desperate race to thwart Sam’s homicidal tendencies, lest he becomes an accessory to Sam’s crimes or, even more perilously, Sam’s next victim.

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Will There Be The Patient Season 2?

The unresolved question of whether Alan was the final victim in both the show and Sam’s life remains a topic of debate. The series concluded with a thought-provoking ending, highlighting how Alan’s son, Ezra, turns to therapy following his father’s demise. This leaves viewers pondering the possibility of a serial killer’s transformation.

Despite the creators’ confirmation that the series was intended as a limited one, this does not entirely rule out the potential for The Patient season 2 in the future.

The Patient Season 2 Release Date

“The Patient” made its debut on Hulu in the United States on August 30, 2022.

Featuring Steve Carell, this series unravels the story of Alan Strauss, a therapist who finds himself in the clutches of one of his own patients, Sam Fortner, portrayed by Gleeson. Sam, a self-confessed serial killer, doesn’t intend to kill Alan immediately. Rather, he has a peculiar request: he wants help to control his urge to kill.

Alan’s situation is dire. To save himself, he must unravel the intricacies of Sam’s lethal tendencies, while concurrently confronting his own suppressed issues that have caused a fracture in his family relationships.

The clock is ticking for Alan, who is in a race against time to neutralize Sam’s murderous inclinations, lest he becomes an unwilling accomplice in Sam’s crimes, or worse, a victim himself.

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The Patient Season 2 Trailer Updates 

Unfortunately, not until there’s a renewal. Until that joyful occasion arises, content yourselves by revisiting the trailer for season one.

The Patient Season 2 Cast

While the confirmation of  The Patient season 2 remains uncertain and possibly just speculative, if it were to happen, it might feature the original cast, continuing the existing narrative. Alternatively, the new season could offer fresh angles on the same story, adding uniqueness while still adhering to the original plotline. However, should The Patient season 2 pivot to an entirely different story, predicting the cast becomes challenging.

The cast of The Patient season 1 includes notable names such as Domhnall Gleeson as Sam Fortner, Steve Carell as Alan Strauss, Andrew Leeds as Ezra, Laura Niemi as Beth, Linda Emond as Candace, David Alan Grier as Charlie, Alex Rich as Elias, and Amy Handelman.

The Patient Season 2 Plot: What Would Have Happened?

Without Alan’s presence in the storyline, the plot takes a different turn, but Domhnall Gleeson shares his thoughts on Sam’s fate after the series’ conclusion. In brief, he envisioned Sam continuing his murderous spree.

Speaking to Decider, Gleeson speculated that Sam might begin to deceive himself into believing he’s been cured. However, he expressed doubts about the longevity of this self-deception and the potential for delusion to regain control. Gleeson acknowledged that while Sam might have gained significant insight, the absence of continual therapy poses a question about his ability to maintain any semblance of change or restraint.

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The Patient Ending Explained

Alan Strauss, amidst his family, seems to relish his newfound freedom, but this turns out to be a mere figment of his imagination. Previously, the therapist had retreated into fantasy, misleading not only himself but also the audience. Ultimately, Sam ends Dr. Strauss’s life following the latter’s unsuccessful escape from captivity.

The story then shifts to Sam sending a letter to Alan’s children, Shoshana and Ezra, notifying them of their father’s demise and disclosing the location of his remains. The letter suggests Dr. Strauss’s acknowledgment of his previous errors. The impact of Dr. Strauss’s death isn’t confined to Shoshana and Ezra; Sam, too, grapples with the repercussions of his actions.

In one particular scene, Sam envisions himself as being post-treatment, vowing to refrain from harming others. However, the hallucinated Dr. Strauss counters this, doubting Sam’s ability to adhere to his pledge. Confronted with this, Sam takes a drastic step: he fastens an anklet on himself and entrusts the key to his mother.

The narrative further explores Ezra’s struggles as he begins therapy to navigate his complex relationship with his father. He admits his concerns for his family but is unsure of how to address them. The session abruptly ends with a black screen before Ezra can divulge more, leaving his thoughts and feelings shrouded in mystery.

12 Interesting Facts About The Patient Season 2

The Patient Season 2 had not been confirmed or released, so any facts about it would be purely speculative. However, I can create hypothetical and interesting facts based on the premise of the show and the direction it might take if a second season were to be produced. Here are 12 imaginative facts about “The Patient Season 2”:

  1. Expanded Backstory: The second season delves deeper into the histories of both Alan and Sam, exploring their pasts and how these shaped their present.
  2. New Cast Members:  The Patient season 2 introduces new characters, each with complex backstories that intertwine with the main plot.
  3. A Different Setting: The show shifts away from the confined space of the first season, exploring new locations that add depth to the story.
  4. Guest Directors: Each episode of Season 2 is directed by a different guest director, bringing unique styles to each installment.
  5. Crossover Elements: The new season includes subtle references or crossover elements from other popular TV series or films.
  6. Award-Winning Guest Stars: Season 2 features appearances by several award-winning actors in key roles or cameo appearances.
  7. Innovative Filmmaking Techniques: The filmmakers employ groundbreaking cinematography and storytelling techniques, pushing the boundaries of television production.
  8. Critical Themes: The season tackles additional psychological and societal themes, making it not just thrilling but also thought-provoking.
  9. International Locations: Parts of Season 2 are filmed in international locations, adding a global dimension to the storyline.
  10. Soundtrack by Famous Musicians: The soundtrack features original scores by renowned composers and songs by popular artists.
  11. Interactive Fan Experience: The release of Season 2 is accompanied by an interactive online experience where fans can explore clues and backstory elements.
  12. Documentary Special: A companion documentary is released, detailing the making of Season 2, including interviews with cast and crew, and behind-the-scenes footage.

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Where To Watch The Patient Season 2 Online?

Should there be a The Patient season 2 series, it would likely be available on the same platforms as the first season, namely Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. This would follow the distribution pattern established by the initial season, providing viewers with multiple platforms to access the series.


The Patient” series remains uncertain, any potential second season would likely follow the distribution model of the first season. If The Patient season 2 were to be produced, viewers could expect it to be available on platforms such as Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. The series has captivated audiences with its intricate storyline and compelling performances, particularly in exploring the dynamics between a therapist and his patient who is a serial killer. The speculative nature of a second season, along with the potential for continuing or diverging from the original plotline, adds an element of intrigue for the series’ fans.



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