Jawan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan Steals the Spotlight in Atlee’s Captivating Social Thriller

Jawan Movie Review

The film starts with an unforgettable scene along India’s northern borders where an injured soldier recovers in a peaceful village. Suddenly, the village faces violent attacks – residents are murdered in various brutal ways. This soldier, with his face concealed under bandages, emerges heroically against a dramatic backdrop, reminiscent of epic legends. One can’t miss the striking image of a horse aflame racing across the scene. This captivating visualization caught the attention of renowned Japanese video game designer, Hideo Kojima, who expressed his thrill on social media, drawing parallels to a Shah Rukh Khan movie that bears a resemblance to the “Metal Gear” game series.

Director Atlee, from the Tamil film industry, has hinted at a collaboration with Khan since 2019. This isn’t a first where a distinguished director from the south collaborates with a Bollywood icon for an action-packed movie with deep socio-political undertones – Atlee’s own mentor, Shankar, previously set such a precedent. What makes this partnership unique is Atlee’s signature style, where characters often have multiple personas.

This might be seen in one character, as in “Theri”, or across different ones, as in “Mersal” and “Bigil”. Intriguingly, these last two films revolve around the dynamic between fathers and sons. This style seems perfect for Shah Rukh Khan, one of Hindi cinema’s top actors known for multi-role films, standing toe-to-toe with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar.

Details of the Film:

  • Release Date: September 07, 2023
  • Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Deepika Padukone, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Ridhi Dogra, Lehar Khan, Sunil Grover, Girija Oak
  • Director: Atlee
  • Producer: Gauri Khan
  • Music: Anirudh Ravichander
  • Cinematographer: GK Vishnu
  • Editor: Ruben

Plot Summary:

The movie revolves around Vikram Rathore, portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan, an Indian soldier with an unusual approach to benefit society. He seizes control of a metro train, taking the passengers captive. Narmada, an NSG officer played by Nayanthara, negotiates with Vikram, only to discover his actual objective involves targeting the well-known businessman and arms dealer, Khaali Gaikwad, brought to life by Vijay Sethupathi. As the story unfolds, questions arise about the connection between the soldier and Khaali. Another central mystery surrounds Vikram Rathore’s son, Azad, also played by Shah Rukh Khan and his crucial role in the narrative.

Jawan Movie Reviews

Artistes Performances:

Shah Rukh Khan showcases a spectrum of looks, delivering a stellar performance that binds the film. His charismatic aura and signature star quality are evident throughout. He embraces his role wholeheartedly, especially standing out in the train hijacking scenes and as the senior Vikram Rathod in the latter half of the movie.

Deepika Padukone, in the role of Iswarya, may have limited screen time but she certainly leaves a mark.

Nayanthara’s portrayal of an officer, reminiscent of a character from “Money Heist”, is commendable. Vijay Sethupathi, as the primary villain, offers a captivating act. Sanjay Dutt, too, graces the screen with a cameo.

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Positive Aspects:

“Jawan” serves as Bollywood’s vibrant response to recent critiques, offering precisely what audiences have been craving. Tailored for an immersive cinematic experience, it boasts numerous moments that will elicit enthusiastic reactions from viewers.

Atlee has masterfully crafted an engaging action drama, embedding all the vital elements that define blockbuster entertainment. He showcases Shah Rukh Khan splendidly, ensuring fans will be enthralled by the actor’s intense portrayal, especially during the introductory and interval scenes.

King Khan’s humor and charisma shine particularly towards the climax, inducing hearty laughter. He excels in both of his roles, marking this film as one of his most significant mass-appeal ventures. The action choreography is praiseworthy, with the truck chase scene in the latter half being a notable highlight.

Vijay Sethupathi delivers a commendable performance. His interactions with Shah Rukh, especially the face-offs, are exhilarating to witness, encapsulating the prowess of two stellar actors sharing the screen.

Nayanthara commands attention effortlessly, fulfilling her role’s demands adeptly. Deepika Padukone’s cameo is purposeful and contributes to the narrative’s progression. Atlee’s narrative skill shines in balancing high-octane scenes with heartfelt emotions, especially in the film’s initial half.

The second half offers an unexpected twist that’s bound to electrify cinema halls. Supporting roles by Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Ridhi Dogra, Lehar Khan, and Girija Oak add depth to the narrative. Anirudh’s background score elevates the film’s ambiance, and the VFX by Red Chillies demonstrates once again why they are considered industry leaders in visual effects.

Technical Aspects:

Anirudh continues his golden streak, and “Jawan” serves as another testament to his talent. His background music is dynamic, accentuating Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in a vibrant way. GK Vishnu’s camera work is of exceptional quality, brilliantly capturing the movie’s action sequences. While the film feels stretched in some parts, particularly in the second half, the overall production quality by Red Chillies is impressive.

Director Atlee is renowned for infusing his films with appealing elements, and he continues that tradition with “Jawan”. He showcases Shah Rukh Khan in the manner fans have been longing for. Even though the pace dips a bit post-intermission, Atlee compensates with impactful moments and well-timed comedy as the story progresses to its climax. In essence, Atlee meets the high expectations set for him.

Critique Points:

The film attempts to convey a profound societal message, yet its delivery falls short of being compelling. The emotional depth of the first half and Deepika’s scenes in the subsequent half were highlights. Nonetheless, amidst the striking action sequences and intense moments, the film’s core message seems overshadowed. The editing, especially in the second half, could have been sharper.

In terms of storyline, the movie doesn’t offer much novelty, making some portions predictable. There are certain exaggerated sequences, likely inserted to appeal to the broader audience. While some are effective, others resort to familiar cliches. The visual appeal of the “Faraatta” song, featuring Shah Rukh and Deepika, didn’t quite hit the mark. As with many commercial films, a suspension of disbelief is required to fully enjoy the cinematic experience.

Final Verdict:

Overall, “Jawan” delivers a blockbuster commercial film with all the right ingredients to captivate both general audiences and ardent Shah Rukh Khan admirers. The film is peppered with thrilling sequences, dynamic action scenes, compelling music, and breathtaking visuals that promise a strong box office showing. However, the film’s intended social message could have been presented more effectively. The initial half is riveting, though the pace drops a bit post-intermission. Nonetheless, Atlee skillfully intersperses captivating elements, ensuring the movie remains engaging. “Jawan” stands out for its superior technical execution and is best enjoyed in theaters. If you’re a fan of larger-than-life entertainment, “Jawan” is a must-watch this weekend.