Why In The Dark Season 5 Is Canceled? – What You Should Know

In The Dark Season 5

The captivating crime series ‘In The Dark’ has been a hit with viewers, especially following its fourth season, leading to much speculation about a possible In The Dark season 5. Audiences are drawn to the prospect of more episodes, thanks to the show’s intriguing plot. The allure is understandable, given the series’ blend of suspense and mystery that keeps viewers thoroughly engaged.

‘In The Dark’ is a thrilling crime drama centered around Murphy, a blind woman. Her closest companions are her roommates, Jess and Tyson. However, Murphy’s life changes dramatically when she discovers a corpse resembling Tyson.

After Murphy contacts the police, Tyson’s body vanishes before they arrive. Faced with skepticism from the police who doubt a blind woman’s claim about a missing corpse, Murphy is determined to uncover the truth about what happened to Tyson.

Murphy’s life soon becomes entangled in perilous secrets. With its focus on friendship and loyalty, ‘In The Dark’ is a captivating watch. Yet, the question remains: Will there be an In The Dark Season 5′? This remains another mystery to unravel.

Will There Be In The Dark Season 5?

The CW has confirmed that its drama series will not have an ‘In The Dark Season 5’. This news, announced in 2022, came as a letdown to the show’s numerous fans. ‘In The Dark’ was discontinued as part of a broader cancellation of several shows on The CW network.

The show’s creators were informed that the fourth season would mark the conclusion of the journey for characters Murphy, Jess, Felix, and others. Despite delivering four seasons filled with mystery and dark comedy, the audience should not anticipate any new episodes of ‘In The Dark’ in the future.

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Why In The Dark Season 5 Was Cancelled

Ultimately, ‘In The Dark’ was a casualty of significant corporate shifts outside its influence. The show’s cancellation was a direct consequence of the 2022 merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.

This merger prompted Warner Bros. to divest its share in The CW network, which was the broadcaster for ‘In The Dark.’ The resulting change in ownership at The CW instigated a series of show cancellations, with several programs being discontinued.

Despite having a dedicated fan base that campaigned for its renewal, ‘In The Dark’ couldn’t withstand the financial realities driving these decisions. The merger between Warner and Discovery played a critical role in determining the fate of this procedural dramedy.

Even though it was popular among critics and fans, broader corporate decisions led to the cancellation of ‘In The Dark’ after four seasons.

What Would Have Been the Plot of in The Dark Season 5?

Despite there being no ‘In The Dark Season 5’, audiences are still left wondering what could have been. There was great potential in continuing the narrative of Murphy’s adventurous life. The creative team behind the show felt that there were numerous directions the storyline could have taken if given another season.

Perry Mattfeld, portraying Murphy, offered some insights into the possible developments of her character in a hypothetical Season 5. She speculated on various scenarios for Murphy’s journey, pondering whether Murphy would have been concerned about getting apprehended, or if she might have chosen to flee with Felix, testing how long they could remain undetected. Mattfeld also considered whether viewers might have seen Murphy in an entirely new setting or facing challenges on her own.

She expressed her belief that whatever direction the story would have taken, most fans would have felt satisfied and proud of Murphy, especially considering the retribution she would have sought after her trials in the previous four seasons. These are just her personal views, but they offer a glimpse into the potential developments that fans are left to imagine.

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Will There Be A Movie or Special to Wrap Up The Story of In The Dark?

Unlike some other shows on The CW that were canceled, ‘In The Dark’ did not need a movie or special episode for closure. Anticipating the possibility of cancellation after In The Dark season 4, the producers smartly prepared two different finales.

The first ending was designed to be open-ended, setting the stage for a potential fifth season. However, the alternate ending, which was ultimately broadcast, offered a conclusive wrap-up of the show. This finale resolved most of the ongoing plotlines and brought Murphy’s character journey full circle, avoiding significant unresolved storylines.

This final episode served as an appropriate conclusion to the series, rendering an additional movie or special superfluous for concluding the story.

In the Dark Review And Rating 


I’m glad I started watching this series centered around a blind woman involved in solving her friend’s murder. Despite some inherent flaws in her character, she is well-crafted and engaging. The series is consistently enjoyable, a key reason I find it appealing.


For those unfamiliar with the show and wondering about its quality, I can vouch that it’s quite good. It holds a commendable 7.5/10 rating on IMDb, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it enjoys a 71% average audience score. This show definitely earns a spot in my recommendations. If you’re still on the fence, consider checking out other viewers’ opinions to help you decide.

When will In The Dark Leave Netflix?

Now that the series has ended and is streaming on Netflix, the countdown starts for when it will ultimately be removed from the platform.

In line with the arrangement for all The CW shows that arrived on Netflix, ‘In The Dark’ will stay on Netflix for a considerable time but is set to leave five years after its addition.

Based on the information currently available, the expected removal date for ‘In The Dark’ on Netflix is December 10th, 2027. However, it’s possible that the show could depart as early as September 13th, 2027, which marks exactly five years since the addition of season 4.

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The finale of ‘In The Dark’ left a strong impression on its viewers. How did you feel about the way ‘In The Dark’ concluded? We think the series could have benefitted from additional seasons and further mysteries. Nonetheless, we’re pleased that the show’s creators put in their utmost effort to wrap it up effectively in a limited time.

Feel free to share your views on the show’s cancellation in the comments section. Also, keep an eye on our updates for any future news related to the series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Seasons Does In the Dark Have?

In the Dark’ comprises four seasons, totaling 52 episodes. The first season, with 13 episodes, aired from April to June 2019. The second season, also with 13 episodes, was broadcast from April to July 2020. The third season, featuring 13 episodes, aired from June to August 2021. Finally, the fourth and last season, consisting of 13 episodes, aired from June to September 2022.

Where Can You Watch In The Dark?

The entire series, encompassing 52 episodes across all four seasons, is available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. However, as there won’t be a fifth season, fans won’t find new episodes on these platforms, and any anticipation for a Season 5 needs to be tempered.

Is In the Dark Worth Watching?

Regarding whether ‘In the Dark’ is worth watching, many viewers decide based on the ratings and reviews a series has received. ‘In the Dark’ has garnered numerous positive reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. So, if you’re considering giving ‘In the Dark’ a try, you can confidently start watching it without hesitation.


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