Google Pixelbook 12in

Google Pixelbook 12in Specifications, Features with Complete Review

The Google Pixelbook 12in is a new addition to the Google MacBook line. It has great features, performance, and integration with Google Assistant. This laptop isn’t made for a specific job, but it is a good one that can meet the basic needs of both students and workers. The Google Pixelbook 12in laptop is a great choice for agencies and artists because it works well and looks good.

Because of this, people who use MacBooks really like it. In this review, I’ll look at why the Google Pixelbook 12in is a great alternative to the MacBook and how it makes the user experience better.

Google Pixelbook 12in: An Overview

The Google Pixelbook has everything you could want in a laptop. It has a good 8 GB of RAM and a powerful Intel Core i5 engine. 

The Google Pixelbook 12in is not only one of the most beautiful computers, but it is also one of the thinnest and lightest. Google Pixelbook has an interesting set of features that are different from Google’s other lines. For example, it can be charged quickly and has a touch screen that is easy to use.

Its sleek design and touchscreen display with a 360-degree hinge gives users an exciting experience and really show what it means to be a “4-in-1” type. But is there anything else that would make you willingly spend $1000 on a laptop? Yes, you did hear correctly. Let’s start by looking at what it has to offer.

Google Pixelbook 12in: Specifications 

If you’re thinking about getting the Google Pixelbook 12in, its specs are another important thing to think about. So let’s check them out:

Manufacturer Google 
Product Type 4 in 1 convertible design 
Model  Pixelbook 12 inches
Processor 7th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor
Operating System Chrome OS
RAM Memory  8 GB or 16 GB RAM
SSD 128 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB
Display  360-degree touchscreen display
Resolution 2400 × 1600
Turn On Time Less than 10 seconds 
Communication Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Weight 2.4 lb (1.1 kg)
Battery Up to 10 hours on a full charge
Accessory Pixelbook Pen

Now that you know about the Google Pixelbook 12in’s technical specs, let’s talk about how it works and see if it does the trick. 

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Best Features of Google Pixelbook 12in


It might be a good idea to buy a compact computer with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Still, because of how it looks, the Google Pixelbook 12″ is one of the most attractive computers on the market. The Pixelbook is made of a single piece of metal and is very thin. The look of the Google Pixelbook 12in is current and useful. Silicone wrist rests and accents are also good features that are worth noting.

Operating System

Chrome OS is Google’s operating system for computers and other devices. It is used by the Google Pixelbook 12in. Chrome OS is a cloud-based, lightweight operating system that is made to be fast, safe, and easy to use. It is built on the Linux system and its main user interface is the Google Chrome web browser.

One benefit of Chrome OS is that it is easy to use and doesn’t take much time to set up. The operating system is made to be easy to understand and use. It has a number of built-in features and tools to help users get the most out of their devices.


Google Pixelbook 12in Display

The Google Pixelbook 12in is a powerful, full-featured computer. One thing about this computer that really stands out is its screen. The gadget has a 12.3-inch touchscreen that can be turned in any direction. This screen’s resolution is 2400×1600 pixels, and it has a density of pixels. It has a backlit keyboard and a frame made of metal. The screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass. The result language code is EN.

The monitor is clear, the colors are bright, and there are a lot of good viewing angles. The Pixelbook’s screen will not let you down, whether you’re using it for work, watching your favorite shows, or surfing the web. It even has a tablet so you can use your finger to move around the web.


Because of how Chromebooks worked in the past, people thought for a long time that they couldn’t have good specs. Since the Google Pixelbook 12 came out, we can use a strong Chromebook. The Pixelbook’s sixth Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU makes it run as fast as a knife through ice cream. These ultra-low-power versions are more like the older Core M processors in high-end laptops than the most current Core M processors.

For the most depth and speed, you can use them with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of NVMe memory. This Pixelbook has an Intel Core i5 processor that runs at 1.2GHz and can be sped up to 3.3GHz by using an overclock. Core i7 CPUs, on the other hand, start at 1.3GHz and can go as fast as 3.6GHz. Pixelbooks can store up to 512GB of data and can have 8GB or 16GB of RAM.


Another important thing to note is that the laptop has a USB-C port on both sides, which is a nice touch. But if Google thinks that people will use the Pixelbook to do real work, it would make more sense to have two ports. 

Aside from that, there is a 3.5 mm audio port and a slot for a microSD card. So, the result is that if you want to connect devices to the Pixelbook’s connector, you will need to buy an adapter.


Even though Pixelbook has a lot of good qualities that make it a good laptop, its screen is one thing that might not be up to par. Even though its webcam only has 0.9 megapixels, which is less than what its rivals offer, let’s not forget that it is a 4 in 1 type. This means that you can also use it as a tablet. In that case, why would you want a camera that isn’t as good as the others? 

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Keyboard and Trackpad

The Google Pixelbook 12in’s keyboard and mouse are made to be very responsive and easy to use. The keyboard has backlighting and a low profile that makes it easy to type for long amounts of time. The trackpad is also very sensitive and can be used with multiple touches. This makes it easy to move around the device.

The keyboard on the Google Pixelbook 12in is also nice because it has a key that is just for Google Assistant. This makes it easy to quickly use Google Assistant to get answers to questions, set notes, and do many other things.

Battery Life

This Google laptop has a battery life of up to 10 hours on a single charge, so you won’t be stuck without power in the middle of a big job.

It also has fast charging technology, so you won’t have to wait long for your laptop to charge.

Google Pixelbook 12in Pricing And Availability

The Google Pixelbook 12in can be bought from the Google Store and places like Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo. The base model of the Pixelbook costs $999 and has an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. The model in the middle costs $1,199 and has a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i5 CPU. The most expensive model costs $1,749 and has an Intel Core i7 processor, a 512GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM.

Pros and Cons of Google Pixelbook 12in

The Google Pixelbook is a 12-inch laptop that runs on the Chrome operating system and is made to work with Google’s suite of efficiency and creativity tools, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets. Here are some possible good and bad things about the Pixelbook:


  • High-quality build: The Pixelbook is made of high-quality materials and is slim and stylish.
  • Fast performance: The Pixelbook is powered by an Intel Core processor from the 7th generation, which means it can handle a wide range of jobs quickly and well.
  • Long battery life: The Pixelbook’s energy life is said to be up to 10 hours, so you can use it all day without worrying about running out of power.
  • Convertible design: The Pixelbook can be used as a laptop, a tablet, or anything in between thanks to its 360-degree hinge.
  • Google integration: The Pixelbook is made to work well with Google’s suite of efficiency and creativity tools, making it a great choice for people who use these tools for their work.


  • Limited app support: As a laptop that runs the Chrome operating system, the Pixelbook has access to a wide range of web apps, but it doesn’t support as many native apps as computers that run Windows or MacOS.
  • Expensive: The Pixelbook is a high-end laptop with a high-end price, which may make it too expensive for some people to buy.
  • No touch screen: The Pixelbook can be turned into a tablet, but it doesn’t have a touch screen, which may be a problem for people who like to use their devices this way.

How does the Google Pixelbook 12in Compare to Other Chromebooks?

One of the best Chromebooks on the market is the Google Pixelbook 12in, but how does it rate to other models?

Let’s begin with the way it looks. The Pixelbook is the only laptop that is both small and light. It is 10.3 millimeters long and 2.45 pounds heavy. And because it has a 4-in-1 design, you can use it as a laptop, a tablet, a tent, or a device for playing games.

The Pixelbook is also one of the most powerful Chromebooks when it comes to specs. It has an Intel Core i5 chip from the 7th generation and 8GB of RAM. Plus, its 12-inch screen is great for working on projects or watching movies.

The Pixelbook also comes with Google ChromeOS, which is a special operating system made just for Chromebooks. It is easy to use and comes with all of your favorite Google apps, like Gmail and Google Docs.

Final Thoughts

The Google Pixelbook 12in is a great laptop that has a sleek style and a lot of power. Its powerful specs make it great for multitasking, streaming movies, and playing games, and its long battery life makes sure you won’t be stuck without power in the middle of an important project.

Also, Chrome OS lets you use a huge collection of Android apps, and its HD tablet display makes it easy to move around. Overall, the Google Pixelbook 12in laptop is a great choice for anyone who wants a powerful machine that is also cheap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Google Pixelbook 12in

Should Students Buy a Google Pixelbook 12in?

Students who want a powerful and compact laptop should choose the Google Pixelbook 12in. It has everything you need to be useful in class and a few extras that make it worth the money.

The Google Pixelbook 12in is the best choice if you want a Chromebook that can handle all of your schoolwork and more.

Is the Google Pixelbook still worth it?

Yes. It has a 1080p camera, a long-lasting battery, and a great keyboard. These features are more than enough to persuade people to switch from tablets or old laptops.

What operating system does the Pixelbook use?

The first important question for people who want to use a Pixelbook is about the operating system. Chrome OS runs on the Pixelbook 12. Chrome is set up to update itself automatically. Chrome is also very quick and works well all day.

Are viruses still a threat to Chromebooks?

Chromebooks don’t get viruses because Chrome OS is based on Linux in a lot of ways. On the other hand, malware can definitely get into Chromebooks. More apps are available for Chromebooks than for other devices.

Do Google pixels last long?

Google Pixel products, like smartphones and the Pixelbook, are usually made with high-quality parts and should last for a while. But the length of time an electronic gadget lasts depends on how it is used, how well it is taken care of, and how technology changes over time.

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