Elon Musk Says Twitter will Offer Only Dark Mode

Elon Musk Says Twitter will Offer Only Dark Mode Very Soon

Just when you thought Elon Musk couldn’t be more divisive, he joined in on the debate over light mode vs. dark mode, and Twitter, which is in the process of changing its name to X, seems to be all in on dark mode. Early this morning, Musk put up a post saying, “Soon, this platform will only have a “dark mode.” In every way, it’s better.”

That got the normal responses right away, with several people saying that white text on a black background can be harder to read. Many people want Twitter to keep a light mode choice even if it makes dark mode the default for X’s new look.

As someone whose phone only goes into “dark mode” very rarely, I think that’s the right way to go. All those apps that change how light or dark they are based on how your OS is set? This is how to do it. But I know people who are very supportive of full-time dark mode, and Musk seems to be leaning that way.

Twitter has a light mode, a “dim” setting with a dark blue/grey background, and a “lights out” setting that is completely black. Each user can choose the background that they like best.

Twitter is slowly changing its name to X. Last night, the company’s Android app got a new look, and the Google Play Store now shows the new name and logo. Most likely, the iOS app won’t be far behind. While this is going on, Twitter is trying to get advertising to come back. As an incentive for brands to spend more money on the platform, Twitter is dangling verification in front of them.

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