Does FuboTV Have TNT

Does FuboTV Have TNT? – Discover the Latest Channel Lineup

Does FuboTV have TNT? Fubo TV is known for having a large number of TV channels, which is good for sports programming. But if you’re paying for Fubo TV so you can watch TNT, you’ll be surprised to learn that TNT isn’t on Fubo TV. But don’t worry if TNT isn’t on Fubo TV. You can still watch TNT on your computer in other ways.

You can also watch TNT on your devices through Hulu Plus Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and many more streaming sites. On all of these online services, you can watch TNT. But the person wants to know why Fubo took TNT off their list of channels. Read this guide all the way through to find out if Fubo has TNT.

Does FuboTV Have TNT?

TNT is not on FuboTV. The station was taken away from the service back in July 2020. This will be a problem for people who want to stream the NBA and are looking for a service.

Another service YouTube TV is the best way to watch basketball online because it has both ESPN and TNT. It also lets new customers try it for free for two weeks.

Sling TV’s $35-a-month Orange bundle gives you access to ESPN, TNT, and 29 other stations. This is the cheapest way to watch ESPN and TNT live.

Why isn’t TNT On FuboTV?

TNT was taken off of FuboTV in July 2020 because FuboTV and WarnerMedia, which owns TNT, could not come to a deal. 

FuboTV is mainly a sports viewing service, so it’s more a matter of when TNT will come back than if it will.

At the Deutsche Bank Conference in March 2020, FuboTV CEO David Gandler confirmed this by saying that 96% of its users were there for sports material.

Gandler said, “This lets Fubo TV use sports content in ways that other services can’t because their users are more interested in general entertainment.”

“We talk about it all the time, and I hope there will be a chance to bring it up again at some point.”

But for now, Sling TV is still the best and cheapest way to watch live sports without cable, which can’t help FuboTV get more subscribers. 

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Will Fubo Get TNT Back?

Users are upset that this streaming platform has raised their monthly fees after they lost TBS, TNT, and other WarnerMedia stations. The price of the family deal on this streaming platform has gone up from $60 per month to $65 per month.

The company has said that the rate rise is because they recently added channels like Animal Planet, Discovery, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Tastemade, TUDN, ESPN, and many more.

Fubo TV is still the best sports platform, even though they don’t have TNT anymore. We don’t know if or when TNT will come back to Fubo TV.

How Much Does TNT Cost to Stream?

Instead of Fubo TV, I’ve written the name of the streaming service above. You have to sign up for a membership to use these video sites. In the table below, you can see how much each site costs:

Name Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
DirecTV Stream $69.99
Hulu Plus Live TV $6.99 $69.99
Sling TV Stream $35, $50
YouTube TV $54.99

Based on the streaming sites, you can see the subscription deals. Also, the monthly and yearly costs of the packages are made public by the sites. You can watch TNT on your device by subscribing to a package that fits your price and using the service it owns. You have learned TNT on Fubo in the above topic.

How to Stream TNT Channel?

Before you can watch TNT Channel on your computer, you must choose a streaming service that has TNT Channel in its library. Here is a list of systems where TNT channels are available.

  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV Stream
  • YouTube Live TV
  • Hulu + Live TV

Choose one of these ways to watch TNT. In this case, we’ll use Hulu + Live TV. Follow the steps below to make your gadget stream the TNT channel.

  • Go to the main site for Hulu + Live TV.
  • Now, click the link at the top that says “Sign up.”
  • Then you can make an account by entering your personal information.
  • Type in the information for your credit card so you can pay.
  • Choose “Create an account,” and then use the Hulu app to get to Hulu + Live TV.

After you sign up for Hulu, open the app, choose Live TV channels, and then choose the TNT channel to watch it on your computer.

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Why Are Fans Always Looking for TNT on FuboTV?

FuboTV has always been thought of as the best streaming service for sports material, even though that wasn’t the case. In fact, David Gandler, the CEO of FuboTV, confirmed at the Deutsche Bank Conference in 2020 that 96 percent of the platform’s users keep using it because it has so much sports material.

This is why a lot of new fuboTV users look for TNT as soon as they sign up. fuboTV is known for its sports programming, and TNT is where you can watch the MLB, NBA, NCAA Men’s Division, AEW Rampage, and NHL.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Does FuboTV Have TNT

Is it possible to stream TNT outside of the US?

If you’re going to be outside the US and want to know if you can still watch TNT, the answer is a hearty yes. You should be able to stream TNT without any problems as long as you have a good internet link. Let’s add, though, that you might not be able to watch TNT in a place where it’s not available.

If you use FuboTV and go to Africa, for example, you won’t be able to watch TNT.

How to Get Fubo TV on Unsupported Devices?

You can either mirror the Fubo TV from one of the other devices that work with it, or you can use the streaming device that has access to its app. You can also watch your favorite sports shows on other services like YouTube TV, Prime Video, Hulu+Live TV, and more.

How to Watch TNT on Fubo for Free?

We know that there may be a way to watch TNT without a cable subscription. We are lucky to have a lot of streaming services where we can watch these TV shows. Also, you can use a free trial to watch TNT on the app. 

Why did FuboTV stop offering TNT?

Fubo TV stopped offering TNT after it made a deal with the Walt Disney Company. The move was made so that it could offer more sports. Even though the move upset some customers, FuboTV made up for it by adding ESPN.

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