ChatGPT for Android Launches Next Week

Get Ready for the Future of AI Conversations: ChatGPT for Android Launches Next Week

Since it came out in November, OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool has added users at a rate that is amazing for anything but Threads. Now, the company says it’s ready to put out an Android app.

A few months after the free iOS app for iPhones and iPads brought the robot to those devices, the ChatGPT app is now available for Android.

The company said in a tweet that ChatGPT for Android will be out next week, but they didn’t say which day. Instead, they linked to a page in the Google Play Store where you can sign up to get the app when it’s ready.

When ChatGPT’s iOS app came out in May, the company said that an Android version would come out “soon,” and here it is.

Google’s Bard chatbot doesn’t have a mobile app you can use instead of its web interface. If you can’t wait a few days to use ChatGPT with an app, Microsoft’s Bing app, which uses its Prometheus Model and GPT-4, has been available on Android and iOS apps since February.

The app is also coming out after data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb showed drops in web traffic and app downloads for June. Some users have said outright in the last few days that GPT-4 is getting “slower and dumber.” This week, in response to the second report, OpenAI said that the APIs are still being updated.

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