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A List Of The World’s Best Outdoor Dining Experiences

Eateries everywhere are expanding their bars with amazing menus, settings, and views meant to impress you. And what’s more entertaining than dining outdoors in some of the most incredible places on Earth? That’s why we’ve compiled the best outdoor dining spots in the world.

Here are a few more places you should consider adding to your list of places to visit.

Cesarina – San Diego, CA

At Cesarina, they pay hymn to the Italian convention of powerful matrons. Their mission is to form a friendly and welcoming surrounding, just like a mommy would.

This restaurant serves a variety of fresh pasta dishes every day, along with classic Italian feeds from additional provinces. They likewise have a bunch of vegan options available. Plus, they take pride in making everything from scratch, including desserts served right at your table.

Throughout the holiday season, their outdoor patio is beautifully decorated, making it even more impressive. Take a look at the photograph below to see for yourself.

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At Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica, you’ll find yourself in the treetops

If you’ve consistently desired to explore the luxuriant wildernesses of Costa Rica, you should check out Pacuare Lodge. It’s located deep in the Limon Province, straight by the Pacuare River. This eco-lodge has an amazing restaurant named The Nest.

True to its name, The Nest sits high up in an ancient Ceiba tree, approximately 60 feet above the ground. It’s like a treehouse with no walls, so you can completely experience the jungle around you – the sights, sounds, and smells.

This place is ideal for adventurous types. To get to The Nest, you’ll zip-line via the trees. Once there, you’ll sit at one big table and relish scrumptious local food in privacy. It’s not for anyone scared of heights, but the dining experience will be unique.

Au Petit Patio – Orange, France

It’s a wonderful spot to eat right in the center of Orange, France. With a name like “Au Petit Patio,” you might already guess that they have outdoor seating. And you’re right! This eatery offers a lovely dining experience outside on a patio. The comfortable little restaurant is pleasingly decorated and cozy. They serve a menu full of traditional French dishes, all cooked well and delicious. If you’re in the area, it’s worth a try.

Ultraviolet, Shanghai

Chef Paul Pairet’s restaurant Ultraviolet is anything but standard. It merges tech and meals to form an avant-garde and dramatic dining experience. Throughout the evening, visitors are treated to 20 courses exploited by cookeries globally. Each dish is served in a special setting created by projections, lighting, music, and aromas. The restaurant has only one table with 10 seats, so you ought to book your reservation well in advance. It’s an experience you won’t want to skip!

Spago, Istanbul

The first Spago restaurant outside the US, by Wolfgang Puck, is at The St. Regis Istanbul. It sits on the hotel’s rooftop, with big sliding doors opening onto a veranda overlooking Maçka Park and the Bosphorus.

The menu alters frequently to highlight fresh local ingredients, sticking to Spago’s commitment to seasonal cuisine. They likewise have an impressive wine list with over 500 great choices.

Sky, The Residency Towers, Chennai, India

There’s a new outdoor dining spot in Chennai called Sky. It’s located on the 20th floor and has different dining areas. One is the Aqua Terrace, which overlooks the city skyline and has a kitchen you can see through. Then there’s the Seaside Terrace, where you can see the coastline.

You might know this place as Crown before, but it’s been renovated recently. Now, it offers a pan-Asian menu with dishes like papaya salad with bird’s eye chili being the highlight.

Indigo Yard, Scotland

What’s the atmosphere like? Indigo Yard is situated in Edinburgh’s West End. It’s a romantic place with lots of characters where you can enjoy hearty food and drinks. They have a big outdoor courtyard with large umbrellas, which tends to get busy, especially in the summer. So, if you want a table outside, it’s best to arrive early.

Why should you visit? It’s fantastic for indulging in boozy brunches and enjoying lavish main courses and bar snacks, and they offer a fantastic variety of beer, wine, and cocktails.

Why dine outside? It can make food taste even better because you get to enjoy it with fantastic views and in special settings like stunning scenery.

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