Apple Showcases Enhanced Battery Life

Apple Showcases Enhanced Battery Life and Crash Detection Features in iPhone 14 Ad Campaign

Apple has put up two new ads on its YouTube page. One of them is about how the iPhone 14 Plus has a long battery life, and the other is about how the iPhone 14 Pro shows off Apple’s Crash Detection feature.

In the first one-minute commercial, “Battery for Miles,” a man drives a tractor slowly while pulling a huge pumpkin down a long, straight road that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Ludacris’s “Two Miles an Hour” plays in the background.

In front of his driving wheel is an iPhone 14 Plus running Apple Maps. It tells him, “In 102 miles, continue straight.” After the man raises his eyebrow for a moment, the slogan “Our longest-lasting battery life ever.” appears. Don’t worry, it’s an iPhone 14 Plus.”

In the second ad, “Crash Test,” a car crash test is done in a hangar to the tune of “You Can’t Hurt Me No More” by Gene Chandler. The crash is shown in slow motion, and a crash test dummy is followed until the car stops.

On the dashboard is an iPhone 14 Pro with a screen that says, “It looks like you’ve been in a crash.” Then the tagline says, “Crash Detection can tell when a car crash is really bad and will instantly call 911. Don’t worry, it’s an iPhone 14 Pro.”

At this point, people who want to buy a new iPhone might want to wait until September, when the iPhone 15 series is expected to come out. Different changes are planned for the next iPhones, such as Dynamic Island for all models, USB-C instead of Lightning, and at least one of the Pro models getting a Periscope lens.

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