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Amzn Mktp Us – The E-commerce Giant Continues to Dominate Online Retail

Amazon MKTP US On Your Bank Statement? Amzn MKTP US, also called Amazon Marketplace US, is a platform that lets sellers list and sell their goods on Amazon’s website.

Amazon has become one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms because it has so many customers and a huge reach. This helps businesses of all sizes reach new customers and grow their sales.

The goal of this blog is to learn more about Amazon MKTP US and how it has changed the way businesses do business in the digital age, as well as how it helps buyers and how to sell on the platform.

What is Amazon MKTP US?

Amazon MKTP US, or Amazon Marketplace US, is a platform where third-party sellers can list and sell products directly to Amazon customers. Sellers can take advantage of Amazon’s infrastructure, logistics, and customer base to showcase their products and reach a wide audience.

The platform offers features like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for streamlined operations, advertising tools, and secure customer experiences with reviews and performance metrics. Overall, Amazon MKTP US provides a thriving marketplace connecting sellers and customers, offering a wide range of choices and convenient shopping experiences.

Unknown Amazon Payment Charges

A charge from Amazon that you don’t know about is likely for Amazon Prime, a digital service, Amazon Pay, or bank permission.

Most of the time, one of the following can explain why a charge is unknown.

Amazon Prime Payment

Depending on the plan you chose, you pay for Amazon Prime either once a month or once a year. Go to Manage Your Prime Membership to find out more.

Digital Service Payment

If you bought a digital service like a Prime Video channel membership or a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you will be charged every month. See Unknown Charges on Prime Video for more information about Prime Video fees. From Your Digital Orders, you can see how you’ve paid for all of your Amazon digital service charges.

The Unknown Charge is a Bank Authorization

When you place an order, Amazon checks with the bank that issued the payment method to make sure it is still valid. Your bank will hold on to the money until the transaction goes through or the permission runs out. This reservation shows up right away on your bill, but it’s not a real charge.

If you change your mind about your order, permission is taken off your account according to your bank’s rules. Talk to your bank to find out how long authorizations for online orders are held.

The Unknown Payment Charge is an Amazon Pay Transaction

Orders made with Amazon Pay start with “P01” and are followed by 14 numbers. Look at your order records in your Amazon Pay account.

For further assistance with any Amazon Pay transactions, see the Amazon Pay Help pages

An order was broken up and sent to more than one shipping address or more than one shipping address. This order will show up as different charges on your bill. You can use “Your Transactions” to match charge amounts, dates, and order numbers from your account.

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What Does Amazon MKTP US Mean on Your Bank Statement?

Seeing a charge for ‘Amazon MKTP US’ on your bank statement and thinking if it’s a scam? Because Amazon is such a big company and offers so many different services, it’s not unusual to see different names for the merchant on your bank account after making a purchase. “Amazon MKTP US” is one of these names. ‘AMZN Digital’ and ‘Amazon MKTPLACE PMTS’ are two others.

‘Amazon MKTP US’ is often used when buying something from the Marketplace, while ‘AMZN Digital’ is used for online services like subscriptions to Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing solution. But the ‘Amazon MKTP US’ identifier could be used for something else, like renewing an Amazon Prime contract, if that was the payment processor the system chose for that transaction.

Through Amazon’s website, third-party sellers can reach millions of buyers through the Marketplace platform. When you buy something from Amazon’s Marketplace, your payment is handled by Amazon’s payment system. Amazon pays the seller, and Amazon charges your credit card or bank account for the amount of the buy. The transaction is often labelled as “debited by Amazon MKTP US.”

So, we know for sure that ‘Amazon MKTP US’ is Amazon. If an Amazon service you subscribe to is renewed, it may have shown up on your bank account, even if you didn’t order anything. This could also happen if you started a free trial that turned into a paid contract on its own, like the free trial for Kindle Unlimited.

If you see a charge on your bank record that says “Amazon MKTP US,” but you don’t remember making that purchase, it’s possible that someone else used your Amazon account to buy something. In this case, you should sign in to your Amazon account and check your order records to see if anything was bought without your permission.

If you find a purchase that wasn’t made by you, you should quickly contact Amazon’s customer service to report the problem and ask for a refund. Amazon has a customer service team that helps customers with any problems they are having with their accounts or the things they have bought. And if you don’t, you should probably call your bank or credit card company and let them know what’s going on. You could have a more serious problem on your hands.

How to Know Whether the Amazon Charge is Fraudulent?

Here are steps you can take to determine whether an Amazon charge is fraudulent before jumping to conclusions and disputing the charge:

Check Recent Orders: Start by logging into your Amazon account and reviewing any recent orders. Amazon’s website or mobile app will display the most recent orders and their total costs. Keep in mind that large orders shipping from multiple sellers may appear as separate charges, leading to multiple instances of “Amazon MKTP US” on your statement. Remember that charges might only appear after the product has shipped, and there might be prior authorizations on your debit card that haven’t resulted in actual charges yet.

Review Automatic Subscriptions: Check if you have any active automatic subscriptions on Amazon, including free trials that may have expired. Popular services include Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, Audible, Amazon Music, and others. You can manage your subscriptions by navigating to “Account & Lists” and then clicking on “Membership & Subscriptions.” From there, you can view your current subscriptions, and billing dates, and cancel any unwanted subscriptions.

Be Aware of One-Click Purchases: Amazon offers one-click purchases for certain products like Kindle books and Amazon Prime Video rentals. These purchases can happen accidentally, especially if your Amazon account is linked to other devices like Alexa or Fire tablets. Ensure that no one in your household has unknowingly made any one-click purchases.

Check for Shared Card Usage: If you’ve used someone else’s Amazon account or let others use yours, it’s possible that someone has access to your card information. Amazon saves card details by default, so ensure that no one else has your card linked to their account. Similarly, review who might have access to your own Amazon account, as family members sharing accounts might place orders without your knowledge.

Verify Backorders and Preorders: Sometimes, charges may show up for items that were preordered or on backorder. These charges only occur when the items are shipped, which could be weeks or months after the initial order. Check if you had any backorders or preorders during the relevant time frame.

Contact Amazon Customer Support: If you’ve taken all the above steps and still can’t identify the charge, reach out to Amazon customer support. They can provide more details about the charge and its origins, helping you determine whether it’s legitimate or fraudulent.

Remember to review your account thoroughly before contacting customer support to ensure that any charges are accurately assessed.

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How to Cancel AMZN Mktp US Charge?

Here’s what you need to do to get rid of an AMZN MKTP US charge:

Identify the Charge: 

You should look at your bank statement or credit card statement to find the AMZN MKTP US charge you want to get rid of. Make sure it’s a mistake or an illegal charge before you do anything else.

Contact Amazon Customer Support: 

Amazon’s customer service team can help you report the charge and ask for it to be stopped as soon as possible. You can call them, send them an email, or talk to them on their website. You should tell them everything they need to know about the charge, like the date, the amount, and any account or order information that is important.

Explain the Situation: 

Tell the customer service person that you want to cancel the AMZN MKTP US charge because it was made without your permission or is wrong. Give any proof or documents that back up your claim and help it make more sense.

Follow Instructions: 

As part of the process to stop, you need to do what Amazon Customer Support tells you to do. You may be asked to give more information, fill out certain forms, or start a claim or chargeback through your bank or credit card company. If Amazon can’t help you or if the charge is still not fixed, you can talk to your bank or credit card company directly. If you explain the situation to them, give them all the relevant information, and ask for their help to cancel the AMZN MKTP US charge, they will walk you through the claim process and may even let you start a chargeback if you need to.

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Monitor Your Accounts: 

As soon as the charge is removed, check your bank and credit card records closely to make sure it is gone. If the charge stays or if other problems come up, keep working with Amazon, your bank, or your credit card company until the problem is fixed to your satisfaction.

When disputing or cancelling charges, you should move quickly to give yourself the best chance of success. You should keep all records of contact, transaction details, and other paperwork related to the cancellation process in case you need them in the future.

The cancellation process can be different depending on the situation, the rules of your bank or credit card company, and how Amazon’s customer service works.


Amazon MKTP US has changed the way e-commerce works by giving businesses a stage they can’t get anywhere else to reach a large number of customers and boost sales. It gives buyers easy-to-use tools and a lot of help, so they can grow their businesses and give their customers great experiences. As technology improves and more people shop online, sites like Amazon MKTP US are becoming more and more important for businesses of all sizes that want to find new customers and be seen around the world.

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